How to Change a TracFone Number

by Nick Davis
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TracFone offers consumers a variety of prepaid cellular phones, including Samsung, LG and Motorola brands. The phones allow you to decide how many minutes to purchase and load onto the phone. There is no contract or credit check -- you just purchase the prepaid phone and activate it. You can even change your TracFone's cellular number if you decide to move to another city or you want to change the number for personal reasons.

TracFone Information Needed

Write down your new zip code, Tracfone's SIM card number, TracFone's serial number and your TracFone's current phone number. The SIM card number and your phone's serial number are found by pressing the “Menu” button on your TracFone and navigating to the “Prepaid Menu.” You will need this information to give to the customer service representative in TracFone's technical service department.

Contacting TracFone's Technical Support

Call 800-867-7183 from your TracFone or a landline phone. Press “1” on your telephone for English or “2” for Spanish when prompted. Press “1” to select TracFone as the brand of cell phone you are calling about. Press “4” for TracFone's Technical Support Department. Once you are connected with a customer service representative, give him the information you gathered about your cell phone. The representative will tell you how long it will take to change your cell phone number.


Leave your TracFone turned on so the cell phone number change can take place. If the change process is not completed in the time the representative told you it would take, call TracFone's technical support department again and explain that your number still hasn't been changed. He will then process a request for a new SIM card.

SIM Card Replacement

Once your new SIM card arrives in the mail, call TracFone's technical support department and explain that you ordered a cell phone number change, the process did not complete and a new SIM card was issued. The technical support representative will walk you through the SIM card installation process and complete your cell phone number change. Any minutes you had loaded onto your TracFone will be transferred to the new phone number.


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