How to Change a Tracfone Area Code

by Jacqui Lane

TracFone Wireless is a prepaid cellular phone provider that requires no contract and is widely available throughout the United States. If the telephone numbers in a certain area code become depleted, the Public Service Commission and telecommunications companies may decide to create a new area code for that location. If you are a TracFone customer and your area code has changed, your phone will need to be reprogrammed with the new area code. This process can be completed entirely online.

Step 1

Write down the serial number, also called the ESN, IMEI or MEID, of your phone. To locate your serial number, press "Menu" and select "Prepaid." Press the option that says "My IMEI," "My ESN," "My MEID" or Serial Number.

Step 2

Visit the TracFone Area Code Update website (see Resources) and click the blue "Continue" button.

Enter your serial number in the text box and click "Continue." Follow the prompts to complete your area code update.

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