How to Change the Theme on an iPhone

by Jim Campbell
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The iPhone comes with a default theme, but you can change this setting to customize fonts, colors and background images. Themes are a fun way to customize the iPhone according to your taste and preferences. It also lets you read text easier if the default theme font is too small. Several websites and iPhone designers offer free downloads of themes, so you can change the them often until you find one that you prefer.

Step 1

Click the "Home" button on the iPhone to view the main desktop. Tap the "Apps Installer" icon and then tap "All Packages." A list of packages is displayed.

Step 2

Click the theme you want to install on the phone. If you do not have a theme, tap the "Search" button at the bottom of the Apps Installer window. Type "themes" and tap "Go." When you find an interesting theme, tap it to install it.

Hold the "Power" button on your iPhone. Power off the phone and turn it back on. When you boot the phone, the new theme displays. Repeat these steps to change to another theme if you decide you don't like the current one.


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