How to Change the Sound Volume on a PC

by Contributor

You can use the volume controls on your speakers (or monitor, if your speakers are built into it), Windows software or application software to adjust volume.


Step 1

Rotate the volume control on one speaker to adjust the volume of a stereo pair or three-piece system.

Use the buttons or dial on the monitor, or on-screen controls, to adjust the volume of speakers built into the monitor. Make sure the Mute button is off.


Step 1

Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray (at the far right of the Windows taskbar).

Step 2

Click Open Volume Controls.

Step 3

Drag the slider in the left column with the mouse to adjust master volume.

Drag the slider under the name of the input source to adjust volume for a specific source, such as CD or Wave Out (for files such as RealAudio).


  • Some subwoofers have an independent volume control.
  • Some audio playback programs, such as those that come with sound cards, offer a variety of ways to control volume just for that program.
  • For quick adjustment, a vertical volume slider should appear when you click on the Windows speaker icon.


  • The volume control on your CD-ROM drawer controls volume only for headphones plugged into it.
  • These Windows instructions may vary, most particularly if your PC doesn't come with an installed sound card.

Items you will need

  • Computer Speakers
  • Computers
  • Microsoft Windows

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