How to Change the Sound Volume on a PC

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You can use the volume controls on your speakers (or monitor, if your speakers are built into it), Windows software or application software to adjust volume.


Rotate the volume control on one speaker to adjust the volume of a stereo pair or three-piece system.

Use the buttons or dial on the monitor, or on-screen controls, to adjust the volume of speakers built into the monitor. Make sure the Mute button is off.


Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray (at the far right of the Windows taskbar).

Click Open Volume Controls.

Drag the slider in the left column with the mouse to adjust master volume.

Drag the slider under the name of the input source to adjust volume for a specific source, such as CD or Wave Out (for files such as RealAudio).


  • Some subwoofers have an independent volume control.
  • Some audio playback programs, such as those that come with sound cards, offer a variety of ways to control volume just for that program.
  • For quick adjustment, a vertical volume slider should appear when you click on the Windows speaker icon.


  • The volume control on your CD-ROM drawer controls volume only for headphones plugged into it.
  • These Windows instructions may vary, most particularly if your PC doesn't come with an installed sound card.

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