How to Change a Sony Walkman MP3 Battery

By Maxwell Payne

i Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sony Walkman music players have evolved from cassette players to CD players to digital MP3 players. Like most MP3 players, the Sony Walkman relies on a rechargeable battery to power the device. Over time this battery can lose its ability to hold a charge and will need to be replaced. Savvy users can purchase a replacement kit and do the battery replacement themselves.

Step 1

Turn off the device and place it face down on a table. Insert the small pry tool that came with the battery kit between the side panel and the backing of the Walkman. You can also use a plastic ID card or credit card as a pry tool.

Slowly move along the edges of the Walkman, while keeping the tip of the pry tool in between the side and backing, until the backing pops off.

Step 2

Use the pry tool to lift up the small metal tabs surrounding the battery and internal components of the device. Gently lift up the Walkman and remove the front cover as well.

Step 3

Gently pull the small connecting ribbon up and away from the circuit board. Some models may have a small plastic lever to lift up to release the ribbon. Lift the battery up and out being sure that the ribbon has been disconnected from the circuit board.

Step 4

Position the replacement battery in the same way that the original battery was positioned. Reconnect the connector ribbon, being sure the connection is securely fastened in place. Clip the holding lever back into place if the Walkman has one.

Step 5

Replace the front cover and push down all of the holding tabs. Snap the back cover into place, being careful not to pinch any wiring or ribbons between the casing. Connect the Walkman to its power charger and allow the battery to fully charge.