How to Change the Mouse Settings for a Left- or Right-Handed Person

By Ryan Maxwell

A computer mouse can be customized for use with your left or right hand.
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Generally, computer mouse devices are ergonomically designed for right-handed users. However, there are also mouse devices that are designed for use by either hand or designed specifically for left-handed users. Configuring your mouse device to work with the hand of your choosing can be done in a few easy steps.

Click the "Start menu" button and select "Control Panel" from the menu.

Double-click the "Mouse" icon in the "Control Panel" folder. This will bring up the mouse properties for your particular device.

Click on the button labeled "Left-handed" or "Right-handed" in the button configuration tab of your mouse properties window. Click the "Apply" button to finalize your settings. If your mouse device settings do not have a "Left-handed" and "Right-handed" button, you can switch the button settings by reassigning the left button to "secondary click" and the right button to "primary click".