How to Change Settings in Flash Player

by Nicole Martinez

Adobe's Flash technology lets designers create interactive websites and applications that can incorporate video and audio multimedia. Because it is compatible with all operating systems and most web browsers, you experience Flash Player on many websites and probably have the appropriate plug-in installed for your browser. Instead of incorporating the settings for Flash Player into your browser, Adobe provides a manager on its website.

Step 1

Launch your Web browser of choice and navigate to the Flash Player Settings page on the Adobe website (

Step 2

Click to activate a tab to adjust settings within that group. For example, the tab displaying a globe and a lock allows you to edit "Global Security Settings."

Click the appropriate button or check box to change Flash settings. For example, ff you wish to have Flash Player notify you of new settings, click to fill in the check box next to this option under the "Notification Settings" tab. Note that the changes take effect immediately and do not require a confirmation or for you to press "Save."


  • You can change settings for a specific Flash application by right-clicking and choosing an option such as "Loop," "Play" or "Rewind." Flash" Player controls are similar to audio or visual player controls.


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