How to Change SBC Global Email Settings

by Contributor

SBC Global is an Internet service provider that merged with Yahoo and AT&T. If you have SBC Global, you now have AT&T Yahoo Internet. All members with SBC Global email retain their email address. Changing email setting can be confusing, although it isn't complicated.

Log in to the desktop email program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows or Eudora. Double-click on the desktop icon or click on "Email" in the Start menu.

Go to the "Account Manger" of the email program. In most email programs, this is in the "Tools" section of the file bar at the top of the page. It is labeled "Accounts," "Account Manager" or "Emails." Click on the appropriate label to open the Account Manager.

Choose "Edit Email Account" or pick the email you want to edit from the list and click "OK," "Properties" or "Next" to continue to the next page.

Type a new name in the display name box to change the name displayed in outgoing messages.

Add any changes to the POP3 or STMP ports in the boxes provided. If you don't know if there are changes, visit the AT&T website for assistance.

Click the box beside the name and password to save the log in information. Choose how often you want the program to send and receive mail in the section labeled "Send and Receive."

Click "Apply" when you finish making changes. The mail program starts using the new setting immediately after you click "Apply."

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