How to Change SATA Mode to IDE on an HP Laptop

By Mike Venture

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At 99 percent market share as of 2013, Serial ATA is the most common PC disk interface, according to the Serial ATA International Organization. In HP laptops, SATA can operate in two modes: AHCI and IDE. AHCI is faster and offers extra features such as hot-swapping, but sometimes has compatibility or driver issues. If that's the case, you need to change the SATA mode to IDE by making changes to your HP laptop's BIOS settings.

Step 1

Turn on or reboot the laptop.

Step 2

Press "F10" as soon as you see the HP logo to enter BIOS Setup.

Step 3

Use the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to navigate to the System Configuration tab.

Step 4

Use the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys to select "SATA Native Mode."

Step 5

Use the "+" and "-" keys to change the setting from "Enable" to "Disable" to change the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE.

Step 6

Press "F10" to save the changes and restart the computer.