How to Change a Roadrunner Email Password

By Marissa Willman

Time Warner Cable offers phone, Internet and cable services across the United States. Users who subscribe to Time Warner's Internet service can also sign up for a Roadrunner email account. Roadrunner email can be checked through the Time Warner website, or the account can be linked to an email program such as Microsoft Outlook. To change the password to your Roadrunner email account, you must log in to your account through the Time Warner website.

Access Roadrunner's Password Reset Tool by opening the website in your browser (see Resources). If you see a page load error, click on the blue "Or you can add an exception" link toward the bottom of the page. Click "Add Exception" and then click "Get Certificate" at the top of the window. Select "Add Security Exception" at the bottom of the window to mark the Password Reset Tool as a security exception for your computer.

Click the appropriate link on the Roadrunner Password Reset Tool to continue. You must indicate whether or not you know your current password.

Enter your email user name and password if you know your current password. Enter your new password into the corresponding field. Reenter the password in the next field to confirm it. Save your changes to link your new password to your email account.

Enter your complete Roadrunner email address into the corresponding field if you do not know your current account password. Answer the on-screen prompts to verify your identity. Once your identity is confirmed, enter a new password. Confirm your password by reentering it, and save your changes.