How to Change the Ringtone on a Verizon LG Phone

by Contributor

If you’re tired of hearing the same ringtone over and over on your Verizon LG phone, you can change it to one that is more pleasing to your ears. This is also helpful if your ringtone has been set to a standard ring that practically everyone else in the world has—now you will know when it’s your phone ringing and not the person next to you.

Open phone and click the Menu button.

The center keypad above the numerical keys can click up, down, left and right. Click right until you see the Settings & Tools option.

Click Sounds Settings.

Click Call Sounds.

Click Call Ringtone.

Click All Calls.

Select the ringtone you wish to have. You can preview the tone by pressing the Play button. Click OK.


  • check You can also change the ringtone so that it has a specific and different ring when someone in your Contact List calls. To do this, follow the steps above until you get to Step 6. Instead of clicking All Calls, click Caller ID. Then select the ringtone you wish to hear for incoming calls from those on your Contact List.

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