How do I Change the Ring on a Home Phone?

By David Johnston

Check the keypad for a menu or ringtone button.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Though many households have opted to get rid of their landlines in favor of using cell phones for all calling needs, some people still prefer the comfort and convenience of using landline handsets while at home. While there are usually far fewer options for changing and personalizing a home phone than a cell phone, most home models provide a way for you to adjust the ring for incoming calls.

Step 1

Check the user's manual that came with your home phone. Because different models and brands have varied available features, the manual is the best reference to consult to see which ones are available on your phone. The manual will also tell you how to make the changes. Look in the table of contents or the index for keywords such as "ringtone."

Step 2

Look on the keypad of your phone. Some models have a button labeled "ringtone" or something similar that allows you to toggle through available ringtones. If you don't see such a button, look for a "menu" button. Press it and scroll through the available options. Some models allow you to access ringtone options this way.

Step 3

Look on the casing of the hand piece or the phone base itself. Even on models that do not have the functionality of changing the ringtone, especially true of older phones, there should still be an option to change the ring volume. The switch may be etched with "hi, med, low" wording or with arrow symbols. Toggle the switch up or down or press it repeatedly to change the ring volume.