How to Change a Remote Desktop Connection

by Jackson Lewis
network cable image by Radoslav Lazarov from Fotolia.com

Remote Desktop is a tool that you can use to connect to your home or work computer from afar. It is also used by network administrators to remotely help network users troubleshoot issues. The Remote Desktop tool is compatible across versions of Microsoft Windows. A common task for users of the Remote Desktop tool is changing the settings for remote connections, facilitating easy mobility and versatility.

Step 1

Select "Start->All Programs->Accessories" from your computer's start menu.

Step 2

Choose the "Remote Desktop Connection" from the Accessories menu. If your computer is running Windows XP, choose the "Communications->Remote Desktop Connection" menu option.

Change the computer name, IP address, or port number as required and select the "connect" menu button. You will now see the remote computer's desktop in a menu window on your computer.

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