How to Change a Red Laser to a Green One

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

Many people have turned to lasers for school and personal do-it-yourself projects. Replacing the red laser diode in a laser housing with a green laser diode provides for a brighter laser beam because the human eye is more sensitive to the green light than the red. The replacement process can be quickly accomplished because most laser housings come with non-soldered, plugged-in red laser diodes that can be removed easily and replaced with a green laser diode.

Put the soft cloth down on your work surface. Grasp the laser housing between your two hands and twist it until the two halves of the casing separate. Put the front half of the casing down on the soft cloth.

Hold the back half of the casing with the exposed laser mechanism straight up. Pull the red laser diode out of the end of the laser mechanism with the plastic tweezers. Discard the red laser diode.

Pick up the green laser diode with the tweezers. Insert the pins of the green laser diode into the contact holes in the end of the laser mechanism.

Put the front half of the casing on the back half of the casing. Screw the two halves of the casing back together.


  • close Do not ever shine a laser into someone's eyes because it can cause serious damage.

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