How to Change Quicken Colors

By Sean Lancaster

Keep all your transactions recorded in one place using Quicken.
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For those that use Quicken to track their finances, the default colors of every aspect of the program may not suit your desires. You can change the colors of some of the most common features quickly to create a more enjoyable work experience. The background of the window is variable as is the color of your register accounts.

Click "Edit" on the Quicken menu bar at he top of the window. Look on the drop down box for the Preference selection and click it. The Preferences Window opens, and you see a number of topics you can set listed in the left-hand pane of the window.

Select Startup preferences in the left-hand list by clicking on it. In the right hand pane of the window, you will see a choice to set Quicken Colors. Choose the color scheme you desire for Quicken from the listed choices. Among other attributes, this will change the background color for Quicken. The color schemes you can choose from are blue, green, purple or tan.

Set the color of your registers by selecting Register in the left pane. The main preference options appear in the right hand pane. At the bottom of the pane are the Register Appearance choices. Click on the Colors button.

Change the colors for each of the register accounts using the pull down menus. When you have set each register account with your color choice, click the OK button.