How to Change the Proxy on Safari

By Tara Cantore

Safari is a Web browser originally released by Apple for the Mac OS X operating system. The Windows edition of Safari differs from the Mac OS X edition, and uses the proxy settings specified in the "Internet Options" area of your Control Panel. Safari automatically opens this dialog window when you attempt to change your proxy configuration.

Step 1

Open Safari from your "Start" menu.

Step 2

Click "Edit" then select "Preferences."

Step 3

Click "Advanced" and the "Change Settings" option under the "Proxy" header.

Step 4

Click "LAN Settings."

Step 5

Place a check in the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" checkbox.

Step 6

Enter the IP address, domain name or network name of the proxy server in the "Address" field.

Step 7

Enter the proxy server's port in the "Port" field.

Step 8

Click "Advanced" and specify different proxy servers for SSL, FTP and SOCKS connections if you use a different proxy server for these connections.

Click "OK" until you have exited the "Internet Options" dialog window. Your proxy is now active.