How to Change a Private IP to a Public IP

By Herman Cruz

Get full access to the World Wide Web with a public IP address.
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A private IP address hides you behind your ISP's server providing an extra layer of security; however, private IP addresses keep you from using Web services that require an IP address to communicate with you. For instance, if you want to host your own website, a private IP will make your site invisible to users surfing the Internet. Also, IP-based websites that feature chats, P2P, games or enable you to send and receive files will not function correctly with a private IP address. A public IP address will fix these problems because you become visible on the World Wide Web.

Verify that you do have a private IP address by visiting the My IP Address website. If you have a private IP address, the IP number displayed on the My IP Address website will range from to, to or to If your IP address doesn't fall in this category, than you have a public IP address.

Call your Internet Service Provider and inquire about getting a public IP address. If your ISP offers this service, an extra monthly fee will apply.

Look for another Internet Service Provider that offers a public IP address as part of its Internet package. If your current ISP charges too much for a public IP address, or doesn't feature this service, your best bet is to use a different ISP.