How to Change the Primary Line on a Verizon Wireless

By Chang Lin

Add a Line for Verizon Wireless
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If you are adding additional lines to your current Verizon Wireless individual or family plan, the system may accidentally designate the newly added line as the primary line. Although such an incident is rare, having a mix-up in your primary line can cause you to not receive Verizon notifications about online bill pay. Luckily, Verizon makes it easy to change the primary line back to its original mobile phone line by calling and speaking with a representative or visiting your local Verizon wireless store.

Step 1

Call Verizon wireless customer service at 1-800-256-4646 or enter *611 on your phone and press the "Call" button.

Step 2

Speak with the customer service representative and provide the current primary account holder name, account number, the phone number of the primary line and last four digits of the account holder's Social Security number. Once the identity has been verified, you can change the primary line to another one under the same Verizon wireless plan.

Step 3

Locate your nearest Verizon wireless store (see resources) and speak face-to-face with a Verizon representative about changing the primary line. The primary account holder of the line will need to be present to change the primary line. In addition to the presence of the primary account holder, you will need your to know your account number and last four digits of the Social Security number.