How to Change a Photo to Sepia

By Nicole Vulcan

Use the sepia effect to give your photos an antique feel.
i Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images

When you want to give your photos that antique or vintage look, it's common to apply a sepia filter to the image. Sepia is a brownish tone that was used in many old photos. It might be an old technique, but replicating that process is simple to do using modern technology.

Multiple Options

The first and perhaps easiest option is to check whether your digital camera or mobile device has any built-in editing options; many do. Select the photo and then look for "Edit Photo," "Effects," or a similar option. Search among the filter or effects options to find out whether you have a sepia filter. If your camera has it, simply click "Apply" or a similar function to apply that filter. If you don't have a sepia option on your camera, check your computer's photo editing application to find out what filters it offers. Even if it doesn't have a sepia option, your photo application may allow you to alter the tone and select a brownish, sepia-like tone. Barring that, find an online editing tool or mobile app with a sepia option, such as LunaPic, Tuxpi or PixEasy. Upload your photo to your computer, and with the editing tool open, select that photo among your files, and then apply the filter.