How to Change a Photo From 5X7 to 7X5

By Suvro Banerji

A 5x7 photograph is one of the standard sizes used in framing. You can change the dimensions of the photo to 7x5 in order to make it vertical. Several versions of image editing software can do this task for you. You do not need to download or purchase any of them; your computer has a pre-installed Windows program called Paint that you can use to perform this task.

Click on the Start menu, and click on "All Programs." Click "Accessories." Click "Paint."

Click the Paint button at the top left corner of the main window and choose "Open." Browse to find the 5x7 photograph you want to resize. Click on the file, and click "Open."

Click the "Home" tab in the "Image" group, then click "Resize." This opens the "Resize and Skew" dialog box.

Click to check the "Maintain aspect ratio" check box.

Enter "5" as the horizontal value (width) and "7" as the vertical value (height).

Click the Paint button again, and click "Save."