How to Change the Phone Name in iPhone Settings

By C. Taylor

The name you initially assign your iPhone is the name used to identify your iPhone in programs such as iTunes. If you wish to change this name, you can do so in iTunes. You may need to change the name if you initially misspelled it, or if you're are giving or selling the iPhone to someone else. As an example, you might want to change "Mike's iPhone" to just "iPhone."

Step 1

Connect one end of your iPhone cable to the iPhone's bottom dock connector, and attach the other end to an available USB port on your computer.

Step 2

Open iTunes.

Step 3

Double-click your iPhone from the list of "Devices" on the left-hand panel. This highlights the iPhone's name.

Step 4

Type a new name for your iPhone and press "Enter."

Click the lower-right "Sync" button to assign the name change.