How to Change Your Password for a Virgin Mobile if You Forgot It

By Diana Braun

Virgin Mobile is an international mobile service provider based in the United Kingdom that provides service to the United States. The company offers mobile service requiring no lengthy or expensive contracts. Owners of a Virgin Mobile phone can set up a lock code to prevent unwanted access to their phone and features. The lock code is required to unlock and use the phone. You can change your code or password if you have lost your phone.

Call Virgin Mobile At Your Service. Dial 888-322-1122 or "*VM" from your phone.

Give the Virgin Mobile provider your Account PIN (vKey). This PIN was sent to you upon activation of your phone. The advisor will give you a new lock code.

Turn on your phone. The Main menu appears.

Scroll down the menu to select "Settings" and then "Security." Press the "OK" button on your keypad.

Enter the lock code the Virgin Mobile adviser gave you in Step 1.

Select "Change Password" and press the "OK" key.

Enter a new password and press the "OK" key.