How to Change the Passcode on a NEC Phone

By Ashley Donohoe

You can change your voice mail passcode on an NEC phone system at any time.
i phone. image by Alexander Lukyanov from

Some companies use NEC phone systems to manage several phone lines and receive voice messages. These phone systems allow you to transfer calls to other lines, forward calls if nobody answers and perform conference calls. When you want to access your voice mail, you need to enter a passcode to access messages. If you need to change your passcode for security reasons, you can do so using the phone's keypad.

Dial *29 on your NEC phone. Enter your old passcode when "OLD PASSWORD" appears on the phone's display.

Type a new passcode when "NEW PASSWORD" appears on the display. Choose a passcode that is four to six digits long.

Enter your passcode again when "REPEAT" appears on the display. The screen displays "SET" to confirm that you successfully changed the passcode.