How to Change the Passcode on the iPhone

by Leigh Thompson

Because your iPhone can contain very personal information, it's important to put a passcode on your device to prevent unauthorized use of the device. By default, a passcode is not enabled on the iPhone. You can use a simple 4-digit passcode or you can set up a more complex passcode that consists of letters, numbers and symbols. Enable a passcode on your device through the Settings app.

Tap the "Settings" app.

Tap "General."

Tap "Passcode Lock."

Enter your current passcode.

Tap "Change Passcode" and then enter your old passcode again.

Enter a new passcode and then re-enter the new passcode for verification.

Press the "Home" button just below the iPhone touchscreen to return to your iPhone home screen.


  • check Tap the toggle to the right of "Simple Passcode" on the Passcode Lock screen until "OFF" is highlighted to create a more complex passcode with numbers, letters and symbols.

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