How to Change the Orientation of an iPhone Keyboard (3 Steps)

By Avery Martin

The iPhone's built-in accelerometer allows it to switch between portait and lanscape mode.
i Daniel Barry/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The iPhone has a responsive keyboard that shows a small keyboard when you hold the phone as you usually do to make a call or take a picture. Turning the phone sideways displays a keyboard with slightly larger buttons. Depending on the type of keyboard you want to use and the orientation of your iPhone, you can change the size of the keyboard quickly. The larger keyboard makes it easier to type in certain applications. However, depending on the app you are currently using, the software developer may have locked the layout so that you can only use one version of the keyboard.

Step 1

Launch an app that supports different keyboard layouts by tapping on the app.

Step 2

Hold your iPhone directly in front of you as if looking at a portrait. This enables the smaller version of the keyboard in supported apps. The home button is at the bottom of the iPhone in this position.

Step 3

Rotate your iPhone 90 degrees to the right or left to display the widescreen or landscape version of the keyboard. The Home button should now be on the side of your iPhone.