How to Change Antivirus From One Company to Another Online

By Jill Scheer

You can switch your anti-virus software from one company to another online without ever leaving your home.
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Having updated virus-protection software is crucial to the general health and maintenance of any computer connected to the Internet. When you decide that it's time to change your anti-virus company, you do not have to run out to the store and buy a CD. As of 2010, most major anti-virus companies offer their software for instant download with a credit card payment. There are also a number of reliable free anti-virus suites available online.

Choose which anti-virus software you want to download. If you choose a program that costs money, make sure you have a valid credit card or debit card with a large enough available balance to cover the cost of the download. Make sure the order form is on a secure site before deciding to put in any payment information. There should be a small yellow padlock symbol in the lower right corner of your browser, indicating security. Bookmark the order form or download the page.

Uninstall your old virus-protection software. Having two anti-virus programs running simultaneously can prevent either from functioning properly. When it's finished uninstalling, restart your computer.

Return immediately to the bookmarked order form or download page when your computer starts up. Download and install your new virus protection software.

Update your new software's virus database to its latest version. If possible, set automatic updates and automatic system scan to run at least once a day.