How to Change the PIN Number of My Email Address at Yahoo

By C. Taylor

Technically speaking, your Yahoo! Mail account uses a password, rather than a personal identification number, or PIN. This is a subtle distinction, but an important one, because complex passwords are considerably more secure than numeric PINs. Regularly changing your Yahoo! Mail password is highly recommended to prevent unauthorized entry into your email, which could also lead would-be thieves into your financial accounts. Your Yahoo! Mail password is governed by the same password as your Yahoo! account, so changing your password also changes your main account password.

Open your browser and log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.

Click "Options" at the top-right of the Yahoo! Mail window and select "Mail Options."

Click "Account Information" in the left pane of the mail options window and re-enter your login details.

Click "Change your password" in the "Sign-In and Security" section.

Enter your current password in the top field. Enter your new password in both the new password and confirmation fields.

Click "Save" to change your password, and click "Continue" on the confirmation page.