How to Change the Names of Folders on an iPhone

By KR Knowlin

iPhone folders let you organize your applications and Home screens. Instead of having all your apps live directly on a home screen, place them in a folder to save space and streamline your iPhone experience. By default, your iPhone will attempt to generate a name for each folder created; these names are not set in stone. Change the name of your iPhone folders to suit your personal needs.

Step 1

Tap a folder icon on your iPhone home screen. The folder opens, displaying its contents.

Step 2

Touch and hold one of the app icons in the folder until all of the apps in the folder start jiggling.

Step 3

Tap the text field of the folder's name. Your on-screen keyboard appears. Backspace to erase the current name of the folder, then type a new name.

Press the "Home" button to keep the name change and to lock the jiggling icons in place.