How to Change the Name of a Subdomain in cPanel (6 Steps)

By Randall Blackburn

Close-up of the address bar of a web browser.
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The CPanel dashboard enables the website administrator of a Web hosting account to create and manage subdomains. When the administrator creates a subdomain, the admin directs the subdomain to a specific folder on the Web server. The administrator can change the folder to which the subdomain is attached with the “Manage Redirection” option. However, to change the name of the subdomain, the subdomain must be recreated.

Step 1

Open the CPanel dashboard in a Web browser. Log in to the Web hosting account with administrator credentials. The CPanel dashboard opens.

Step 2

Click the “Subdomains” icon in the Domains section of the dashboard.

Step 3

Click the “Remove” link next to the subdomain to rename. The Verification window opens.

Step 4

Click the “Delete Subdomain” button. The subdomain is deleted. The Subdomains page displays.

Step 5

Type a new name into the “Subdomain” input box in the Create a Subdomain section. Click the “Domain Name” drop-down box next to the Subdomain input box. Click the desired domain to which the subdomain will be attached. For example, if you are creating a subdomain of “MySubdomain” for the domain “MyDomain,” type “MySubdomain” into the Subdomain input box and then select “MyDomain” from the Domain drop-down box.

Step 6

Click the “Create” button. The recreated subdomain appears in the Subdomains.RootDomains column in the Subdomains table at the bottom of the page.