How to Change My Name on Facebook If I Misspelled It

by Aaron Wein
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Many people think that once you create your Facebook account, your name is set in stone. That, however, isn't the case. The social networking website lets you change your name, albeit on a limited basis. For instance, you can change your name if you get married or edit your name if you spelled it wrong when initially creating your account.

Step 1

Log in to Facebook and click the gear-shaped button.

Step 2

Click "Account Settings" to open a new page.

Step 3

Click "Edit" next to your name.

Step 4

Edit your name in the "First" and "Last" fields.

Step 5

Type your Facebook password into the "Password" field.

Click "Save Changes."


  • Facebook prevents you from changing your name frequently and limits the number of times you can edit it.
  • Facebook requires that you use your real name.


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