How to Change Your MSN Email Address

By Jesse Lanclos

Email makes keeping in touch with friends simple and convenient. Often, your busy schedule does not allow the time to mail a letter or phone a friend. Through email, however, you can quickly send and receive notes, pictures and other files that keep you in touch. Unfortunately, the ease of email also leads to spam. Unwanted email you receive wastes time and storage space. After a while, your Inbox may become flooded with this unwanted junk mail. The easiest solution is to change your email address. MSN doesn't provide a clear way to change your email address. However, obtaining a new one is free and easy. Changing your MSN email address is as simple as opening a new MSN account.

Step 1

Visit the Account Services page at MSN passport. (See "References," below, for link.)

Step 2

Scroll to the part of the page that says "Sign up for a free MSN Hotmail account."

Step 3

Click "Get Started" Now.

Step 4

Fill out the requested information to open your new MSN Hotmail email address. Agree to the Terms of Service, and click "I Accept." You will receive a message welcoming you to MSN Hotmail and inviting you to begin using your new email address.

Step 5

Log in to your old MSN email account. Send a message to all of your friends in your address book, notifying them of your changed email address.