How to Change an MP610 Print Head

by Spencer Casey

The PIXMA MP610 is an all-in-one photo printer, scanner and copier. It is designed to make such tasks as changing a print head fairly simple to do. Many people confuse changing the print head with changing the ink cartridge. Ink cartridges release the ink that is used to print your photos and documents. The print head is what holds the ink cartridges in place. If your system says you have enough ink to print, but still nothing is happening, then it may be time to change your print head.

Flip down the front paper output tray. This should not be confused with the tray in the back that is the paper support tray.

Grab the print cover and lift it completely open. You know you have done it correctly when the print head activates and moves to the center of the printer. You should be able to see this happening.

Open the inner printer cover. This is the small hinged door in front of the printer cartridges. When this cover is open, you should be able to pop the printer cartridges out.

Press the small tab on each ink cartridge to remove it from the print head. Be careful when removing your ink cartridges, as ink can get on your clothes and hands. Set these cartridges aside to be put back in place when the print head has been changed.

Lift the print head lock cover, located on the right of the print head. You should see the print head release. Raise it a little, which will allow you to gently tilt it forward and pull it out.

Secure your new print head by sliding it into place until you hear a click. Lower the print head lock cover.

Replace your ink cartridges and lower all of the printer covers. Your print head will activate, run a few cycles and then settle into place. You may now resume printing.


  • check While your printer cover is open, check the lights on your ink cartridges. If they are red, your ink is full. If they are flashing, you are low on ink. If they are off, your cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced.


  • close Be careful when lowering the printer covers that you don't jam your fingers.
  • close Do not touch the nozzles of your ink cartridges. That can cause printing problems later.


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