How to Change a Microscope Light Bulb

by Contributor

Microscopes can bring those seemingly invisible creatures of our earth to life on your glass slide. Sometimes the light bulb gets too dim or burns out. If your microscope light bulb needs to be changed, hurry to your computer and order a new light bulb so you can get back to your ever changing Amoebas. After receiving your microscope light bulb, it won't take long to change.

Review your owner's manual in order to remove the light bulb from within the microscope. You may need a screwdriver to remove the light bulb cover.

Place the light bulb in safe spot. Don't throw away the bulb yet in case you need it to compare to the new replacement light bulbs.

Visit the Microscope Bulbs website. Once you have located your make of microscope from the menu, look for the light bulb you think you need based on its type, such as incandescent or frosted and wattage requirements. Before you make a purchase, call them at (800) 570-4277 to talk with a representative to verify your light bulb choice. When you are satisfied with your choice, purchase the light bulb.

Put the new microscope light bulb in the microscope. Reverse the procedures you used earlier when you removed the old light bulb. If the light bulb functions properly, you can dispose of the old microscope light bulb at this time.

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