How to Change Line Color in Photoshop

By Roger Smith

Altering colors is easy in Adobe's image maniuplation tool--Photoshop.
i line 4 image by chrisharvey from

Adobe Photoshop is a tool created to enhance and alter images using various techniques. Using Adobe Photoshop, it is very easy to digitally alter images and post-process them to create the look you desired when first taking, or seeing, the image. The program was first released in 1990 by Adobe Systems and is the market leader for image manipulation, as of 2010. There are many techniques within Photoshop to accomplish what you want and changing line color can be relatively simple if done correctly.

Step 1

Find the image you want to alter and right-click on it. Choose: "Open with > Adobe Photoshop." This can also be accomplished by first opening Photoshop, choosing: "File > Open" and navigating to the image.

Step 2

Make sure the Image is in RGB Color mode by using the command: "Image > Mode > RGB Color."

Step 3

Create a new layer over the layer you wish to alter and fill this layer with the desired color for the lines.

Step 4

Find the pulldown: Layers Palette Blending and select: "Lighten > Screen > Linear Dodge." The image should take on the color previously selected.

Step 5

Once you have achieved what you were looking for by using one layer or multiple layers if multiple colors were needed, flatten the image under: "Layer > Flatten Image" and then save.