How to Change Languages in Microsoft Word 2007

by Eric Som

If all you want to do is check spelling and grammar in one of the 53 versions of English, French and Spanish that come pre-loaded with Microsoft Word 2007, all you have to do is select the language from the proofing menu in Word Options. But if you want to experience all of the popular features of Word 2007, including menus and help, in more than one language, you may need to install a Language Interface Pack (LIP). The LIPs are available in 37 different languages--from Albanian to Welsh--and work on every program in the Microsoft Office Suite.

Changing a Language in Word 2007


Go to the Language Interface Pack (LIP) downloads page on the Microsoft Office website (see Resources for direct link). The download is free to users who own a licensed copy of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word 2007.


Choose your language. Scroll down the list of languages on Microsoft's LIP downloads page and click on the language link of your choice. You will be redirected to a download page, which will appear entirely in the language you selected.


Download the LIP. Click on the "Download" button. Save the LIP download to a folder on your personal computer. Write down the location so you can easily find it.


Install the LIP. After you have downloaded the LIP, locate and double-click on the file. Follow the prompts to install it. Once the LIP is installed, you will be able to switch back and forth between your original Word 2007 language and the LIP language you installed.


  • check It is highly recommended that you close all programs, including Word 2007, before installing the LIP.

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