How to Change the Keypad Volume on an iPhone

By Avery Martin

The iPhone keypad emits a clicking sound by default that can be annoying when you're in a public setting, such as the library or other areas where you're expected to be quiet. The iPhone only has an option to turn the volume on or off for keypad clicks. However, if you want to adjust the overall volume of all the sounds on the iPhone, you can use the volume button on the side of the iPhone to turn the volume up or down. This adjusts the keypad volume as well as the ringer, text alerts and all other sounds on the iPhone.

Keyboard Clicks

Step 1

Press the "Home" button and then tap "Settings."

Step 2

Tap "Sounds" to access the sound preferences.

Slide the "Keyboard Clicks" slider to "Off" to disable the keypad clicking sound.

Volume Buttons

Step 1

Press the "Home" button. Tap "Settings" and "Sounds."

Step 2

Slide the "Change With Buttons" option to "On."

Adjust the slider in the Ringers and Alerts button to change the overall volume of the ringer, alerts and keypad. Slide to the right to increase volume and slide to the left to decrease the volume.