How to Change iSeries System Name

by Rich Finzer

Every IBM iSeries mid-range processor is shipped with numerous default values. Included among these is the system name, which IBM represents as (SYSNAME). The first time the machine is IPL'ed (initial program load) the default system name will be displayed in the upper right corner of the system console and any other attached workstations. It will appear as "10-XXXXX", where "10" represents the plant code (Rochester, Minn.) of manufacture and the "XXXXX" represents the five-digit serial number assigned to that individual piece of hardware. If you wish to change the system name, it is fairly easy to accomplish.

Step 1

Sign on to the system console by entering your user profile and password in the required fields. Press the "enter" key. The Main menu will be displayed.

Step 2

Type the command "chgneta *all" (change all network attributes) on the command line and press "Enter."

Step 3

Tab the cursor to the "SYSNAME" (system name) field. Enter the eight-character alpha-numeric name you wish to change the system to. Press the "Enter" key. The Main menu will redisplay.

Step 4

Perform an IPL, using the controlled shutdown and restart "*Yes" options. After the system shuts down and subsequently restarts, the new system name you entered previously will be displayed in the upper right corner of the console and all other workstations.

Sign off the console. The iSeries system has been successfully renamed.


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