How to Change an iPhone Orientation to Landscape Mode

By Aaron Wein

Set your iPhone to landscape mode.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The iPhone's display automatically adjusts depending on how you are holding the device. So if you have the iPhone positioned vertically, the screen orients into portrait mode and if you are holding it horizontally, the screen changes to landscape mode. If you want to prevent the screen from changing to portrait mode, you can lock the display's orientation. Likewise if you've accidentally locked the display in portrait mode, you can unlock the screen orientation and change it to landscape.

Step 1

Turn your iPhone horizontally so it automatically switches to landscape mode.

Step 2

Double-tap the "Home" key to call up a hidden options menu.

Step 3

Swipe the options menu to the left until you see an icon resembling a rounded arrow.

Step 4

Tap the rounded arrow icon to lock the screen orientation in landscape mode.