How to Change an iPhone Clock Display

by Steve Gregory

Glancing at your iPhone’s clock is a convenient way to track the time, especially if you don’t wear a watch. If you are accustomed to a 24-hour clock, however, it can become a bit annoying to keep looking at the iPhone’s default 12-hour clock display. Like many of the iPhone’s other features and utilities, you can configure the clock display. The option to convert the clock to the 24-hour format is on the device’s Time and Display screen.

Step 1

Select the "Settings" icon on your iPhone's home screen to display the Settings menu.

Step 2

Select "General" from the list of options to open the General screen.

Step 3

Select "Date and Time" to open the Date and Time screen.

Tap the "24-Hour Time" ON/OFF switch to the "ON" position. The clock immediately changes to the 24-hour time format.


  • To change the clock's time zone, open the Date and Time screen. Tap the "Set Automatically" ON/OFF button to "OFF," and then tap "Time Zone." Enter your location -- such as a city -- in the Search box. Select the name of your location from the list of results.
  • To manually set the date and time, tap the "Set Automatically" ON/OFF button to "OFF" on the Date and Time screen. Use the controls to set the date and time, and then tap the "Date and Time" button.


  • Information in this article applies to an iPhone running iOS 6.1. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly with other versions of the operating system.

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