How to Change the iPhone Calculator Into a Scientific Calculator (3 Steps)

By C. Taylor

The iPhone's basic calculator becomes a scientific one with a tilt of the hand.
i Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Apple's iPhone, with its wide assortment of "apps," has taken the world by storm. Virtually any virtual task you can conceive of, and probably many you couldn't, can be performed through one of the multitude of apps. One basic app is the included calculator. But the calculator can do more than simply add and subtract. Apple allows users to transform the standard calculator into a scientific one, complete with logs, roots, trigonometric formulas and more.

Step 1

Launch the calculator app by touching its icon on the touch screen.

Step 2

Hold the iPhone vertically to perform basic calculator tasks.

Step 3

Rotate the iPhone horizontally, or into landscape mode, to make the calculator automatically transform into a scientific calculator.