How to Change an IP Password

by Jim Campbell

Your IP password is the network password used to log in to the computer. You can set your Windows password in several places, but the most convenient way to change it is using the interface that pops up after you press a combination of keys. This changes the password for your network so that the next time you log in, your new password is applied. Users are urged to change their password often for security reasons.

Log in to the Windows computers with the user name you want to edit. When you log in, your computer uses the IP address to locate the Windows server and verify your credentials on the network.

Hold the "Ctrl" key down on your keyboard. With this key held, press "Alt," then press "Del." This opens a Windows network dialog box.

Type your old password in the first text box. In the next two text boxes, type your new password. Click "OK" to save the changes.

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