How to Change an Internet Password Proxy

By John Ruiz

A proxy server acts as a gateway between your computer and the Internet sites you visit. These servers may speed up your Internet connection by means of using cached webpages that proxy server users help generate. It can also let you access websites you cannot normally access due to network restrictions. To prevent too many users from connecting to certain proxy servers, administrators add a password. If you successfully entered the proxy password, Windows remembers it so you do not have to enter it again. Change the stored Internet password proxy if you found out the admin set a new password.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button, click "Control Panel" and double-click the "User Accounts" icon. If you cannot find this icon, change the view to Classic view by clicking the corresponding link on the left.

Step 2

Select the username you are using and click the "Manage my network passwords" link to see all of the saved passwords. Windows 7 lists this as "Manage your credentials."

Click on the entry that contains the username of your proxy server and click "Properties" or "Edit." Click on the "Password" text box and make your changes. Click the "Save" button to commit the update.