How to Change Internet Explorer Wallpaper

by Aramenta Waithe

Internet Explorer 8 has the ability to let you use any image found on the Web as the background image--or wallpaper--for the Windows 7 desktop. You can use this feature to change a wallpaper image that you have selected previously through Internet Explorer or through the Windows 7 personalization menu. Once you have selected a background image, Windows displays it behind the icons and windows on the desktop, giving you something visually appealing to look at while you use the computer.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer 8 and locate the picture you would like to use as the Windows 7 wallpaper. Right-click the image and choose "Set as Background." Windows uses the selected image as the new wallpaper. To change an Internet Explorer wallpaper using the Windows 7 personalization menu, continue to Step 2.

Step 2

Right-click the Windows 7 desktop and click "Personalize" on the pull-down menu. If you are currently using an Internet Explorer image as your wallpaper, the "Desktop Background" section at the bottom of the window reads "Internet Explorer Wallpaper."

Step 3

Click the "Desktop Background" picture.

Step 4

Click the "Picture Location" pull-down menu and choose the folder on your computer where the picture that you want to use is located. If the folder is not shown, click the "Browse" button and direct Windows to the location of the picture.

Click the picture that you want to use as the new Windows 7 background image, then click "Save Changes."

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