How to Change the Ink Ribbon in a Canon MP27D Calculator

By Andrew McClain

Canon P23-DH Instructions
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Canon's MP27D calculator is a printer calculator designed for heavy office use. While it can print in two different colors and comes with a slide-out quick reference card, one small drawback to any calculator with a printer is that you need to replace the paper and ink ribbons from time to time. When the ink shows signs of fading, purchase compatible spools of ink ribbon to replace them yourself.

Step 1

Turn off the calculator, raise the tab at the rear of the printer cover, and then lift the cover off.

Step 2

Pinch the ribbon lock switches towards each other in the direction of the arrows printed on the calculator, and then lift the ribbon spools off of their shafts.

Step 3

Take the new ribbon spools and, holding them apart, guide the ribbon between the two spools around the four ribbon guide positions, and then put the spools on the shafts.

Step 4

Rotate the spools until they click into place and release the ribbon lock switches.

Step 5

Rotate one of the spools to take up the slack, and then snap the cover back into place. Turn on the calculator and resume using it.