How to Change Ink Cartridges on Brother GX-6750

By Rex Molder

The Brother GX-6750 electronic typewriter uses a self-contained ink ribbon cartridge to produce characters with the help of mechanical keys. As you type, the ribbon automatically advances, providing fresh ink. Once the ribbon has advanced through its entire length, you will need to replace the ink ribbon cartridge to continue typing. The process consists of removing the old ribbon cartridge and inserting a fresh one, something you can do in about five minutes.

Press the "Spacebar" or "Backspace" keys to move the carriage to the middle of the typewriter.

Lift the typewriter's top cover to open it.

Grasp the ink cartridge on both sides and lift it straight up, off the carriage.

Tighten the new ink ribbon cartridge by turning the knob on the left side counterclockwise.

Position the new cartridge on the carriage, ensuring the arrow on the cartridge is aligned with the arrow on the carriage. Press down on the front of the cartridge to lock it in place.

Re-tighten the ribbon by turning the knob counterclockwise and close the typewriter's cover.