How to Change Your IMVU Home Room Into a Public Room

By Irene A. Blake

IMVU provides each user a home room for personal use and at least one room to create from scratch to share publicly. Although you can’t click a single button in your private room to make it public, you can create and share a public room using your private room settings including its furnishings. All the tools you need are within the IMVU 3-D chat messenger.

Step 1

Open the IMVU 3-D messenger. Click the “Chat Rooms” button to access the public Chat Rooms area. Click the Manage tab to go to your chat room management area.

Step 2

Click the “Create a Room” button at the top of the left side bar, or in the Create a FREE Chat Room box under Manage My Chat Rooms, to open the Create a New Chat Room box.

Step 3

Create rules for the room and describe it in the sections on the left side of the box. Enter a room name and description, a moderator name if applicable and the total number of users (up to 10) you want to permit in the room at one time. Select a room status—Public, Open or Closed—and a language from the drop-down menus.

Step 4

Set up the chat room and its public listing on the right side of the screen. Select a room image from your gallery to post as part of the listing. Select a room shell type: click “Empty” to create a public room without the products you’ve used to decorate your room or click “Furnished” to create a room identical to your room. When finished, select your room from the room shell drop-down menu.

Step 5

Click the “Create Room” button to create the room. The screen will update to show your room listed alongside your other chat rooms. Click “Go” to enter the room or click the Search tab, search for the room by its name and then click “Go” to enter it.