How to Change Icon Size on iPhone

By Benjamin Aries

The iPhone zoom feature can be particularly helpful for users with imperfect eyesight.
i shutter_m/iStock/Getty Images

Icons on the iPhone screen are designed to all be a standard size. However, some users find the default size to be too small. If you have trouble seeing the iPhone icons, you can use the Accessibility menu to zoom into the screen. This allows you to customize the size of all objects on the iPhone, including the icons.

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon on the main iPhone home screen. Select "General."

Step 2

Choose "Accessibility" and then "Zoom." Toggle the zoom option to "On." The option turns blue when it is active.

Step 3

Double-tap on the iPhone screen with three fingers. Drag your fingers up or down to adjust the zoom level.

Step 4

Drag three fingers across the screen to scroll the iPhone after you have set the zoom level. Press the "Home" button. The icons are now adjusted to a different size.