How to Change a HP Photosmart Cartridge

by Pamela Gardapee

HP Photosmart printers have black and color ink cartridges that will need to be placed in the printer before you can use the print features. The printers have printer carriages inside that are easy to access by lifting the cover on the printer. On all photosmart printers after changing the ink cartridge you will need to align the cartridges.

Turn on the printer. Open the door to the ink cartridges. Although all series are different, the door will be in the front on the Photosmart printers just under the glass scanner or the top of the glass scanner will open to the reveal the cartridges.

Wait for the cartridge to move to the right side and stop.

Press down on the ink cartridge lightly. You will feel the cartridge release from the holder. Pull out towards you. The black ink cartridge is on the right side and the color cartridge in on the left side of the carriage.

Remove the plastic tape covering the copper contacts on the bottom of the ink cartridge. Put the new cartridge in with the copper contacts facing down by placing the cartridge in the holder as far as it will go. Gently press down on the backside of the cartridge to snap it into the holder.

Close the cover. Press "Ok" when prompted to allow the printer to align the cartridges. Make sure that you have paper in the tray.

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