How to Change the Holder's Name on E-Z Pass

By Stephen Lilley

E-Z Pass is a convenient way to pay highway tolls.
i bridge toll #1 image by Aaron Kohr from

An E-Z Pass is a small electronic device that is linked to a credit or debit card. When you drive through toll booths that support E-Z Pass, you don't have to stop to pay the toll. Just keep driving through, and the money for the toll is automatically deducted from your E-Z Pass account. If you want to change the account holder's name on an E-Z Pass, you will need to call the E-Z Pass customer service line.

Dial the E-Z Pass customer service telephone number for the state in which you originally registered your E-Z Pass. If you registered your E-Z Pass in New Jersey, for example, you would call the customer service line for the New Jersey branch of this service, regardless of your current location. This telephone number will be on the E-Z Pass welcome packet you received in the mail.

Inform the customer service representative that you'd like to change your E-Z Pass account holder name.

Give the representative all required information, including your current account holder name and account number. This information will also be listed on the welcome packet you received, and the account number can be found on the E-Z Pass itself.

Assign the new account holder name. The customer service representative will make the necessary changes for you, and you can continue using your current E-Z Pass unit as normal.