How to Change Google Chrome File Association

By Mitchell White

Google Chrome is a Web browser that lets you load web pages as an alternative to browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can set your computer to associate certain files with Google Chrome, which means that when you try to load certain file types, like webpages, your computer will automatically open Google Chrome.

Step 1

Click on the "Start" menu in a Windows system such as XP. Select "My Computer."

Step 2

Click on "Tools" in the menu bar and select "Folder Options."

Step 3

Click on the "File Associations" tab. scroll down until you see the file association you wish to change, such as "HTM" for webpages and click on it. The current program associated with that file will be listed there. Click the "Change" button and select "Google Chrome" to change the file association. Or, if Google Chrome is already listed as an association that you can choose a different program.